When it comes to unlocking your restaurant's true potential, there is no match for NOQU!

For desktop & mobile websites Download pdf
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Accessed via your fully integrated, customised website, orders can be placed and paid for directly from any web-enabled device.

Features of NOQU online

  • Fully customisable, flexible and responsive framework to match your restaurant’s website.
  • Highly performant: Transaction processed with fewest clicks/pages possible.
  • Feature rich: Save Favourite Orders, Loyalty, Promotions, Coupons, Social Media Integration.
  • Integrated intelligent payment gateways: Save Frequent Credit Card/Debit Card.
  • GPS mapping and location technology for delivery and/or collection.
  • Direct to kitchen ordering process.

Benefits of NOQU online

  • Customers skip the queue from order to payment. They simply collect.
  • Reduce in-store queue overflow and drop-out.
  • Improve odering accuracy and in-store phone-ins.
  • Increased throughput by removing the order capture and payment in-store.
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For iOS & Android Mobile Devices Download pdf
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Customers download your branded app from the google play store or apple store. Your app is super- flexible and easy to update. Your app also becomes an awesome branding and marketing tool for you to communicate directly with loyal customers.

Features of NOQU mobile

  • Fully branded and customised “Hybrid App”.
  • Gesture controlled navigation.
  • Discoverable and downloadable from Google Play store and Apple App store.
  • Reward, promotional and highly effective CRM engagement platforms.

Benefits of NOQU mobile

  • Create brand premium and enhances brand effect.
  • The “Hybrid App” performs all functions of a native App but with more responsiveness and flexibility.
  • Updates, changes and any new features can be deployed with seamless implementation and cost-effectiveness.
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For all in-store point of sale tablets Download pdf
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Queue overflow is managed by cashiers taking orders and receiving payments in-store from a tablet integrated with a chip and pin device. Orders get pushed to the kitchen and the customer waits for their order and collects. It’s a great way to enhance the customer experience during peak hours.

Features of NOQU handheld

  • Full Android compatibility.
  • Fully-integrated with the e-commerce framework for online ordering.
  • Wifi or mobile server enabled.
  • Bluetooth and chip and pin enabled for orders and payments.
  • Bluetooth enabled belt printer for customer print outs.

Benefits of NOQU handheld

  • Android device compatibility makes it very cost-effective.
  • Improves customer engagement and vibrancy in-store.
  • Queue busting means in-store ordering efficiencies and better customer service.
  • Optimise counter space.
  • Can also be used as a backup POS device, as it runs separate from other machines.
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For in-store self service Download pdf
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Customers order and pay via your self-service kiosk point. It’s highly cost-effective and reduces waiting time and queue drop out.

Features of NOQU kiosk

  • Full Android device compatibility with freestanding POS enclosure.
  • Complete self-service order and pay point.
  • Integrated card payment device.
  • Very high order speed, especially for repeat users.

Benefits of NOQU kiosk

  • Requires no cashier interaction.
  • On-screen up-selling opportunities.
  • Further reduces the amount of customers from the cashier queue.
  • Reduces customer drop-out and wait time.
  • No staffing requirement - highly cost-effective.
order, pay and collect
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